Monday, January 29, 2007

The truth about being true

"For all I know, when I wake up tommarow and get out of bed, there will be nothing but cliff, and no floor to walk on when I wake up. For all I know, everything that my eyes cant see does not exsist, everthing my ears cant hear just isnt there- even scientifically.. we would have to be the ones perceiving the "idea" for it to be true. Everything exsists based on those who perceive it to be so"- Cory Ag

The truth about being true; is just as simple as saying the truth about being true, is being "true". If your true to yourself, true to your family, true to your friends.. true to life even; you'd have to be true. it would be a FACT that your true. But what if you wernt true to your friends, and your family, and others.. could that make you any less true? if you were never achnolaged as being true, if you were completly ignored, and nobody even knew you existsed would you still be true? Your true if you know your true; but does that really matter if no one really knows that. If the Sceientists couldnt know if you were true, they couldnt see you, hear you, feel you.. nothing. Would"THAT" make you any less true? And that would bring me to the conclution of who knows. Such a vast and hige place we live in; and we've still yet to even scratch the surface.

What makes anything true? Is the wall behind me real? I have no idea intill I turn around and see it's there; but if turn back around, and the wall is behind me, I have no idea if that wall is still there; for all I know everything could be a Mirage of what we have created since the dawn of time. Nothing exists intill we see it, or hear it or feel it in some way, shape or form. As this thought becomes clear... you can think, would feelings even exsist if we were no longer avaliable to sense them? could theyre be Anger, Sadness, or Happiness without us? Is what I'm typing even true? None of this is true intill i create it to be so; how much of the world do we really create? The mystery always lives on

As these thoughs all come together and fit into place in our minds; it seems without us, pretty much everything else fades away. We are the means of which this earth lives, as it is today that is.. like english launguage or any launguage for that matter.. if were gone, would english launguage just disapear? Even what I'm typing will be lost.. nothing could even be "not there" anymore if we were gone because again the word itself and the thought behind "not there" would go when we went. We would neither be gone, nor would we exsist.