Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No one told me, the way things were suppose to be, how things were going to be, but still I lay here, still I lay here, the last day I'm going to be alive and I've never has so many thoughts, the center of the world was at my hands and not a damn thing was sought. I've never had any woes, and still at the end of my life I've never had any foes. When I look into the mirror I see the person who was once only a year old, mom held me up as if to show me to the world, I meant the world to her and she meant everything to me. The world moves on -forgetting what was once something that meant something so much more. Will I be missed? I still lay here, and nothing is going to change, So still I lay.. has anything I'd done made one second of a diffrence.. still it doesnt matter on the last day of my life, here I go.. My time has come, and here I am with a smile on my face

you guys were always my favorite friends