Friday, January 19, 2007


Beyond Imagination

"Have we ever wondered about wondering. have out deepest thoughs wonder'd into a far off place of wondering, where everything is in question, there are no answers. Did we ever wonder what it's going to be like the next day, or a year from now or.. does time itself wonder about whats going to happen while we interact with it? has time ever changed us, or have we changed us? Will we ever wander off and ponder, or do we ponder off to wonder. Lets say we have already wondered into ponderment, would there be time or place to question why we wonder, or does it become so automatic that it becomes normal, and something we dont even notice. Time never stops"
- Cory ag

There has been such times; where time itself takes a pause, where we can truly look around us and see things we never thought we could see. if you bring your hand up with your thumb down; four fingers up. How many fingers are there? are there four? Now look beyond the fingers look at whats behind them but still kind of look at them at the same time; now how many fingers are there? What could this possibly tell us. What is impossible? Can this mean that our mind makes our own reality; makes our being; makes us. That is most definatly a thought we have thought before. This form of me is in words, and thought. As I think, my mind tells my hand to mvoe to type everything that I've typed, everything I've wrote, everything i've said. This IS in fact what I've created and it will alwasy continue to be so. We were born to lead; it's been like that since we were born and intill the day were long gone.

Where has all our energy gone? has it diminished in size despite the fact that what we see around us has stayed the same dispite their changes; they still stayed the same in their worth and place in this world. Does energy decrease in size, when were less inspired and pumped, I think so. Ok, So that leave me to think, "what can I ultimatly do to kick this up a notch and really show myself what it is I'm made of, will I ever have another chance? and if so, then when? Can there possible be a breaking point, or are there no points at all. can we possibly look at things in other ways that just forward and back? Or side to side; from that other things persepctive? From that other things thoughts, it's emotions. There is a rgeat amount of possiblitys; in regards to thoughts, and our imagination and sometimes excepting it can be the hard part.

Our brains are forever. It's really is a neverending ball filled with information; and it's way past anything we could ever imagine in any lifetime, with that said, there is NOTHING we dont have the ability to do. We have made it so far, we've done so many things.. our accomplishments already so great.. So anything we do in the future can only be considerd the icing of the cake.

Look at your hand and what do you see. do you see 6 lines or more? maybe rather than 6 you can look closer and see there are hundres of lines; and if you squint.. there is not hundreds.. but really thousands. I consider those my guide lines, beacause each time I look closer I see something more that what i'd had previously perseived. if you look closer at where your at what do you see, A house maybe, but that house is still over our heads we still have this keyboard to type on, we still have food to eat, drinks to drink, eyes to see with, ears to hear with.. and not only that but were not permently cooped up inside every day of our lives, we have an outdoors that we can take compeltly advantage of and to see. It's been said that "